International Shipments-

We CAN ship gun parts to certain countries listed below. Order must be under $500 of gun parts, (springs, spacer, pins, magazine components, mounts, magwells are exempt) we do require ID verification on first time orders such as a IPSC/IDPA/USPSA or a firearms license.

Although your country may be listed below the only way we can ship gun parts is through USPS. Some of the countries listed will not allow gun parts shipped through the USPS. If you have a freight forwarder we can ship to them but will need the end user name and address, freight forwarder name and address, and freight forwarder EIN or DUNS. You can also hand carry the items , the date and airport leaving the US needed for the export entry. You will get an ITN if there is an inquiry about the items.

Other countries not on the list will require a export license to ship. We are only applying for licenses for larger quantity purchase orders. A detailed purchase order must be a minimum of $3000 and it is good for one year. Email for more information on applying for a license. Please email [email protected] with any questions. 

Country List

A word of warning on international shipments. We do not pay for shipping on products that require manufacture warranty, to or from your country. Manufacturer warranty is between you and the manufacturer. We also do not pay shipping for any returns. Ordering from an International Location you assume all risks for shipping. If this is not agreeable we ask that you do not order to locations outside the USA or inside that end up outside the country.

Order Processing- Once an order is placed it may not be cancelled. If you cancel an order once placed a restocking fee or cancellation fee will be assessed. Changes can be made if you call us in time. Do not count on an email for changes as we process very quickly. We also must get your CVV code again to charge any additional charges because we can not charge more than the initial authorization. To add items it is best to place a new order for the added items and make a note in the comment box to combine the orders. Yes it will show shipping on the 2nd order but we will adjust shipping as applicable.

Returns- All returns must be new, unused, uninstalled, in original packaging and within 15 days of purchase.  All returns will be issued a gift certificate for the value paid for the product. If you choose you can request a 20% restocking fee and a credit card refund, any return without this request is automatically issued as a gift certificate. Just send the product back that meets these guidelines with our return form and a copy of the invoice (you can print a copy by logging into your account) and once it passes inspection it will be processed promptly. Please download our return form below and include it with your items and invoice. We do not accept returns on any barrel due to us not being able to discern the newness of the part. We also do not accept some parts that have been opened, like springs, since we can not discern it is the proper spring and unused. We do not take back returns on any serial numbered item, complete gun, frame or receiver once it has been transferred. We do not accept returns on special order parts or ammunition. 

Download Return Form

We also offer a Speedy Exchange if you need to exchange product for product of equal or greater value. We ship you the new order immediately. We charge you for the order and the return label we send for your exchange. When we receive the product back in a timely manner(returned immediately)  and in the new, unused, original packaging condition we will refund you for the returned items(maximum refund is the exchanged product, left over balance will be applied to a gift certificate).


We sell parts and items that require proper set up , installation and possible fitting by competent gunsmiths. Any improper set up, installation, or fitting will result in the item not being able to be returned to Shooters Connection and may void any manufacturer warranty. Shooters Connection and the manufacturer has the sole right to determine if anything we sell or provide was set up,  installed or fit incorrectly. You accept that Shooters Connection sells without a warranty and items are  as is with all faults. The manufacturer provides for all warranties. 

All warranty issues, expressed or implied,  are handled by the manufacturer but we will be glad to help with your issue by providing information to both parties to achieve the most efficient resolution to the issue. All items are sold as is with all faults but may be covered by the manufacturer's warranty if one exists. Any item altered in any way is not returnable to shooters connection.  Any package returned undeliverable is considered a return and treated as so. UPS charges return shipping for undeliverable packages which we apply to the order before the balance is handled. Any item that is returned that had free shipping on it will have the shipping charge applied before the return is processed. Free shipping is only if you keep the item.

Errors- We strive not to make any errors but occasionally we do. We will make errors correct by reshipping the correct item with a return label for the incorrect item. We are not responsible nor will we be expected to compensate for errors that result in consequential inconveniences. The most common scenario, although rare,  is you need an item at the last minute and have an order shipped next day air for a match. If we make a mistake we will correct it by sending the correct item but will not be able to meet the time frame for that sort of scenario. For that reason we suggest ordering far enough in advance to be sure to have it for that need. Mistakes happen, sometimes with us , sometimes with the shipper. Never fails to be a must have situation where everything must go perfect to meet the time frame when something does go wrong. So please prepare in advance.

When we reship an order due to delay/loss by shipper and the original order gets delivered if that order is not returned to us then you agree that we can charge your credit card for the amount of that order due to you choosing to keep the second shipment. If there is an error in fulfillment and we reship the order or items in the order and the items to be returned do not get returned you agree that we can charge your card for those items since you chose to keep the item(s).

Shipping- UPS/FedEX does charge an address correction fee or redirect fee to fix errors in the address. If its our fault we will eat it. If its the customer fault we do pass those fees onto them. USPS just sends the item back or delivers to the wrong address. So please double check the completeness and accuracy of your address. Some items we sell are set to figure separate shipping charges. If we can we will combine and adjust  shipping. So you may see two shipping charges but we as a matter of practice do everything we can to save you shipping charges. Because of new policies with USPS when shipping to a PO Box you must address it to the name registered to that box or it will be returned to sender as addressee unknown.

Damages or loss in transit. Save any and all packing materials. Its becoming harder to get claims paid, especially through the postal service. If you have a claim with the postal service you will need to make sure the delivery person makes note of the damage. Without this they will not pay! We can reship your item and charge you for it immediately. We will refund the item in the damaged order when we get paid for the claim. I understand this is burdensome but it is the way USPS does it so please keep this in mind when selecting a shipping method. It is your choice. UPS is much easier to deal with. Also please keep in mind we are not responsible for USMail packages that the USmail says has been delivered. They will not pay a claim even if lost or stolen if they show it as delivered. You accept their terms when you choose that service. We suggest using UPS. They may cost a little more but the service level is much better.

Special Instructions-

We get requests to leave a package without signature or in a special place which is why we have created this detailed response. We do not require a signature unless the package is over 300.00 by USPS or 500.00 UPS or is a firearm which is required by law. With the prevalence of stolen packages and packages claimed not received both UPS, Fedex and USPS have adopted a policy that gives the driver discretion to leave it or require a signature. USPS will require a signature if there is insurance on the package. UPS will not leave it without signature if there has been any instances of claims in the area. For this reason you will see more and more instances of drivers not leaving packages without a signature. They also do not heed any special instructions from us. If you have special instructions you will need to make those arrangements with your driver. UPS can put notes in their board for specific addresses that will come up when your address comes up. Leaving a note for your driver or talking to them is the best way to achieve those results. UPS and Fedex have online accounts where you can manage your delivery directly with them.


Legal-You agree that by ordering from Shooters Connection that any legal proceeding will be completely remedied un der the Sate of Kentucky Revised Statue. Kentucky law has jurisdiction and any action must be filed in the Sate of Kentucky. If you do not agree to this then please do not order as ordering does bind you by this term and condition.


Privacy Policy- We value your privacy so we do not share or sell customer data.

Legal-You agree that by ordering from Shooters Connection that any legal proceeding will be completely remedied un der the Sate of Kentucky Revised Statue. Kentucky law has jurisdiction and any action must be filed in the Sate of Kentucky. If you do not agree to this then please do not order as ordering does bind you by this term and condition.

-Consequential Damages Waiver. EXCEPT AS OTHERWISE PROVIDED IN THIS AGREEMENT, IN NO EVENT WILL Shooters Connection, employees, or Vendors  BE LIABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES FOR SPECIAL, INDIRECT, PUNITIVE, INCIDENTAL, EXEMPLARY OR CONSEQUENTIAL Damages arising from actions, errors, or defects for services or products sold, or included in normal business practice, by Shooters Connection, Employees or Suppliers and including their practices and  their products.


Payment Processing