Taylor Freelance Canik Basepad +0 - Mete/Rival Edition - Aluminum Shiny

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Upgrade your Mete/Rival with truly competition-focused basepads!
  • Raised shoulders fit the Mete/Rival frame (will not fit normal SF-pattern pistols)
  • Styling inspired by the Rival-S
  • High-traction "rip strip" helps rip stuck mags free
  • "Tracker dot" system for easy magazine ID
  • Aluminum models weigh .85 ounces, optimal for carry and IDPA-style competitions
  • Brass models weigh 2.5 ounces, slowing felt recoil, lowering your pistol's balance point, and helping the mag drop clear. (Brass is always advantageous, and usually legal in competition, but read your local rules carefully.)
Thanks to our competition background, our latest +0 basepad has many subtle features baked in. The "nose" of the basepad is short (making it easier to handle when reloading and less prone to snagging), the basepad itself is thicker (for positive seating), the shoulders are taller (preventing overpenetration in the widely-flared Mete and Rival frame), and traction-enhancing patterns cover almost every surface. The row of dots on the bottom is used to identify your magazines (1-5), so you can easily keep track of which one is which.
Even the "rip strip" gets cut with a true 90-degree cutter. Doing that creates a sharp corner -- giving you maximum traction from a relatively shallow, low-profile cut. Since a 90-degree cut can't be tumble-polished to a high sheen (round media can't polish a square corner), this entire line is offered exclusively in semi-matte or Cerakote finishes.
Package includes a 3D-printed locking plate for use only if your magazine does not have a flat locking plate (the locking plate on a 20-round mag is typically L-shaped).  Where possible, use the factory locking plate.

Weight: .85 ounces alum, 2.5 ounces brass
Material: Brass
Color: Shiny

IMPORTANT: Check your serial number! This basepad fits most full-size Mete and Rival pistol with serial numbers beginning with a 21, 22, or 23. Canik changed the magwell shape in 2023, so some 23- guns and all 24- (and above) guns need the “Signature” or original models instead. (Otherwise the magazine won't lock into place easily.)

Note: Does not work on MC9

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